Courtesy Post for her owner's parents

My wife and I have had 6 GSD's in our 38 years of marriage and our children (and now our g'children) have grown up with them. We know GSD's very well, from puppy to an old dog. We have had an Elsa, Heidi, and Gretchen (all deceased) and we have now a Greta, Sophie, and Hannah. In fact, our daughter loved the dogs so much that she became a veterinarian (OSU). We acquired Emma when our son was deployed to Afghanistan again. He and his wife had just had a newborn (their first) before he left, and with a newborn and 15 month old Emma, they thought it was too much for her to handle by herself. 

Emma is a joy to be around, she is playful like all GSD's her age (2 in Nov), very funny, likes to be made over and cuddled with. She is very bright and inquisitive, loves to chase the ball, loves attention, and she is loyal and very affectionate and protective. Emma is by far the funniest, most entertaining dog that we have ever had. Emma is a confident dog that has been to some obedience schooling with our son and me so that she walks well on a leash, knows her name and comes when called, and she is pretty good with most of the basic commands. Emma is just past the destructive age of chewing shoes and not listening and we trust her completely with our twin g'children (4 year olds) and the newborn.

Emma is crate trained (but she doesn't really like it) and is usually free to run in our 5 acre fenced property. She rides well in a car but snores like a sailor. Emma has been spayed and gets the best quality care from our daughter. She is fed Royal Canin specially formulated for GSD's. She is a big girl (70 lbs) with medium length silky black coat with silver markings and buff feet and legs.

We are searching for a top quality home for Emma because she was raised in a 1 dog home and she does not play well with other dogs. Emma thinks she is the Alpha female and she gets aggressive to other dogs that are in, what she thinks, is her home. Were it not for this one problem, we would never consider adopting her out. Emma will thrive and be a wonderful pet for her entire life, but she must be in a 1 dog home without cats.

The last thing we want for Emma is for us not to find a single dog home for her. We don't want her to be adopted only to have her be sent to a shelter after a few months and destroyed because of this one problem. Emma deserves much better than that.

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